Postcodes in Polygon (Great Britain only)     Note: A newer version of this tool is available.

This is a demonstration tool that retrieves a list of GB postcodes based on a polygon area drawn on a map.
To use the tool (a) find a location on the map (b) click the polygon button (c) draw a polygon on the map (or input coordinates as text) (d) click the Postcodes button. The tool will list postcodes in geographic areas up to 15 sq km, and plot them on the map.

This tool was built by @owenboswarva using the Google Maps API v3, some Ajax and Code-Point Open postcode data.

The Code-Point Open data is the February 2013 Release, attribution as follows:

   Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2013
   Contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and database right 2013
   Contains National Statistics data © Crown copyright and database right 2013
Input Polygon Coordinates

As an alternative to drawing you can paste or type the coordinates of a polygon into the textbox below.
The tool will accept either latitude and longitude (WGS84) or National Grid easting and northing (OSGB36).
Please enter coordinates in decimal format separated by a space and/or comma (for example: 532774.9, 181112.2), one pair per row.