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Business/Benefits Cases

Dataset National Address Dataset (including Postcode Address File)
Data holder Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey
Docs ODUG calls on the government to deliver an Open National Address Dataset under the Open Government Licence (blog post by Heather Savory, 01/11/2012)
The case for an Open National Address Dataset (01/11/2012)
Annexes to The Case for an Open National Address Dataset (01/11/2012)

Benefits of National Address Data (18/12/2012)

ODUG progress on a National Address Dataset (blog post by Heather Savory, 25/01/2013)
Open Data User Group Postcode Ownership International Examples (25/01/2013)

The Benefits of an Open National Address Dataset (04/02/2013)

Don't sell our postcodes! ODUG on why we should have Open Addressing in the UK (blog post by Heather Savory, 15/03/2013)
ODUG response to Ofcom PAF Review consultation (15/03/2013)

National Information Infrastructure and new benefits cases (2.) (22/07/2013)

ODUG response to RM Postcode Address File licensing consultation (response to PAF Licence Simplification Consultation, with blog post by Heather Savory, 24/09/2013)
Public requests NLPG access
Open National Address Dataset (PAF and Ordnance Survey Address)
UPRN/Gazetteer data, Postal Address File
UPRN identifiers
Address point
Postcode database
PAF data
National Address Gazetteer
National Address Gazetteer (Eng,Wal&Sco)
Related Ofcom's Postcode Address File Review consultation (07/02/2013 - 21/03/2013)
Open Data Institute response to Ofcom PAF Review consultation (14/03/2013)
Ofcom statement on PAF Review: consultation outcome (22/07/2013)
PAF cost stack figures redacted from Ofcom consultation - FOI correspondence (Owen Boswarva; curtailed by RM privatisation)

A Cornerstone for Open Data: The Postcode Address File (blog post by Nigel Shadbolt, 19/04/2013)

Royal Mail launches consultation on simpler Postcode Address File licensing (Royal Mail press release, 05/08/2013)
PAF Licence Simplification Consultation Document
Draft PAF Data Licence

An open national address gazetteer (Katalysis Ltd report for BIS, published 13/02/2014)

Royal Mail's Address Management Unit
PAF Programmers' Guide (Royal Mail AMU)
PAF Advisory Board
AddressBase Products (Ordnance Survey)

Dataset Historical UKMO weather observation data
Data holder Met Office
Docs Benefits of releasing historical UKMO observation data (18/12/2012)
Public requests Hourly observation historic data
Met Office Integrated Data Archive System (MIDAS)

Dataset VAT Register
Data holder HMRC
Docs Benefits of releasing an Open VAT Register (18/12/2012)
Public requests VAT Register
Related An open VAT register could help you make better credit decisions (Experian blog post, 18/02/2013)

HMRC consultation: Sharing and publishing data for public benefit (17/07/2013 - 24/09/2013)
ODUG response to HMRC consultation (blog post by Heather Savory, 08/10/2013)
HMRC consults on plans to release anonymised tax datasets (Out-Law News, 19/07/2013)
Open Data: Mining Leviathan (Economist, 20/07/2013)

Dataset Land Registry Historical Price Paid Data (housing transactions for England and Wales)
Data holder Land Registry (HMLR)
Docs Benefits of releasing UK Land Registry Price Paid Historical Data (18/12/2012)
Public requests Price Paid Data
Residential sale price data 1991 onwards
Sold prices for one bedroom flats in Rotherhithe in 1991
House price valuation index for RH18 5HG, Forest Row, East Sussex for the period from 1990 - 1997
House prices in Helmeth Road, Church Stretton 1991 Post code SY6 7AS
Data for January 2009 through January 2012 was released as open data in June 2013, followed by each month's new data going forward. The remainder of the dataset (back to 1995) was released as open data in November 2013.
Land Registry releases its historic price paid data (28/11/2013)
Related Price paid data (downloads from Land Registry)
Search house price data (Land Registry)

Dataset River Network Centrelines
Data holder Environment Agency and Ordnance Survey
Docs Benefits of releasing the River Network Centrelines (20/12/2012)
Public requests River Network Centrelines
Related River Network Centrelines: notes in support of a benefits case (Owen Boswarva, 04/10/2012)
Detailed River Network (WMS)

Dataset Public Rights of Way (PRoW) data
Data holder Local authorities
Docs Benefits of releasing a Rights of Way dataset (20/12/2012)
Public of Rights of Way (PROW) - Local Authority Data (18/07/2013)
Public requests Public Rights of way for all English LAs
Gloucestershire Public Rights of Way Network
Rights of Way Definitive Maps/Statements
Public rights of way
County Durham PRoW
Public Rights of Way
Public Right of way data
Datasets about public rights of way
Derbyshire Public Rights of Way
Rights of way data - definitive map & statement, list of streets, Traffic Regulation Orders
Related Rowmaps (Barry Cornelius)

Dataset Land Registry INSPIRE Index Polygons Dataset and Index Map
Data holder Land Registry (HMLR)
Docs Land Registry INSPIRE Index Polygons Dataset and Index Map (18/07/2013)
Public requests Inspire index map with unique IDs plus the attached addresses - download facility
Cadastral map of the UK
Progress The INSPIRE Index Polygons dataset was released for download and re-use in September 2013. However as the polygons themselves are still subject to Ordnance Survey derived data licensing restrictions, this dataset is not open data in any meaningful sense.
Related Download INSPIRE Index Polygons
HM Land Registry INSPIRE Index Polygons ( record)
Title plans and boundaries (Land Registry)

Dataset Code-Point with Polygons
Data holder Ordnance Survey
Docs Code-Point with Polygons (18/07/2013)
Related Code-Point with polygons (Ordnance Survey)

Dataset Energy Performance Certificates (EPC Registers data)
Data holder Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)
Docs Energy Performance Certificates (18/07/2013)
Public requests Non-domestic EPCs (Non-domestic EPC Register)
Display Energy Certificates
Environmental Performance Certificates (sic)
Related EPC Registers

Dataset Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) bulk data
Data holder Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)
Docs Business case: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) Bulk Data (16/08/2013)
ODUG Benefits Case for the Open Release of DVLA Bulk Data (blog post by Heather Savory, 16/08/2013)
Public requests DVLA vehicle bulk data
Car ownership and age data from the DVLA
Put DVLA database of all vehicles on

Dataset Police National Stolen Vehicle Data
Data holder Home Office / Police National Computer Information Access Panel
Docs ODUG Benefits Case for the Open Release of Police National Stolen Vehicle Data (16/08/2013)
ODUG Benefits Case for the Open Release of Police National Stolen Vehicle Data (blog post by Heather Savory, 02/09/2013)
Public requests Stolen vehicle data

Dataset GP and Dental Practices
Data holder Various; mainly directed to Department of Health
Docs Authoritative dataset of GP and Dental Practices (ODUG benefits case) (18/07/2014)
ODUG Benefits Case - The case for the release of an authoritative GP dataset (blog post by Giuseppe Sollazzo, 18/07/2014)
Public requests UK Dental Practices
GP Surgery Addresses
GP Surgeries and locations that require GPs for the whole of the U.K.

Position Papers

Subject Derived data and use of third party IPR in public sector data
Docs Derived data licensing: easing third party restrictions on onward data use (20/12/2012)

Subject Freedom of Information and datasets
Docs ODUG response to consultation on the Code of Practice (31/01/2013)
ODUG response to consultation on the Code of Practice (blog post by Heather Savory, 31/01/2013)
Related Code of Practice (Datasets) consultation (21/11/2012 - 10/01/2013)
Code of Practice (Datasets) consultation response from Open Data Institute (08/01/2013)
Code of Practice (Datasets) consultation summary from Cabinet Office (05/03/2013)
Freedom of Information Code of Practice issued by MOJ (17/07/2013)
Analysis of Code of Practice (Datasets) (Owen Boswarva, 18/07/2013)

Subject National Information Infrastructure
Docs Implementing the National Information Infrastructrue (NII) (29/07/2014)
ODUG NII Position Paper Scoping Document (29/07/2014)
Housing Land Availability Assessment - Data Constraints (29/07/2014)
Strengthening the National Information Infrastructure (NII) (blog post by Heather Savory, 29/07/2014)
The National Information Infrastructure (NII): Why, What and How (26/01/2015)
Related National Information Infrastructure (Cabinet Office, October 2013)
Evaluating the UK National Information Infrastructure (blog post by Owen Boswarva, 03/12/2013)
#UKNII on Twitter

Subject Ordnance Survey licensing restrictions
Docs Ordnance Survey licensing restrictions on public sector data use and re-use (18/07/2013)
National Information Infrastructure and new benefits cases (3.) (22/07/2013)
Public requests OS OpenData Licence
All datasets available under the OS OpenData Licence (Ordnance Survey)
Location Data - Licences
Public Toilet Locations

Subject Ordnance Survey Data
Docs The wider beneficial use of Ordnance Survey Data - Request for Evidence (blog post by Heather Savory, 03/09/2013)
Related Ordnance Survey products for business use
Assessing the Value of Ordnance Survey OpenData to the Economy of Great Britain (redacted ConsultingWhere/ACIL Tasman report for Ordnance Survey, November 2012)
Assessing the value of OS OpenData to the economy of Great Britain: synopsis (Ordnance Survey, June 2013)
What is the economic impact of Geo services? (Oxera report for Google, January 2013)
Models of Public Sector Information Provision via Trading Funds (the 'Cambridge Study' by Pollock et al, February 2008)

Subject Statistics and Open Data Inquiry (PASC)
Docs Written evidence (published 08/10/2013)
Transcript of oral evidence by ODUG chair Heather Savory and others (published 27/11/2013)
Additional written evidence (published 16/12/2013)
Related Public Administration Select Committee inquiry page

Case Studies

Date Country Title
20/02/2014 US Alternative Fueling Station Locator
20/02/2014 Australia APVMA
20/02/2014 US Bibliography search tool
20/02/2014 UK Bricks and clicks - mapping the future of branches
20/02/2014 UK Bus Guru
20/02/2014 Canada CityofCalgary311
20/02/2014 Australia CliMate
20/02/2014 UK Compare Care Homes
20/02/2014 US CouncilMatic
20/02/2014 UK Cranfield Soil Site Reporter
21/02/2014 UK Creating Demand Led Open Data
20/02/2014 UK Crime in England
20/02/2014 UK DECC Energy Statistics
20/02/2014 US Don't Eat At
20/02/2014 Australia Eye on the Reef
20/02/2014 UK Find My Library
20/02/2014 UK Find Properly
20/02/2014 UK Find the Best
20/02/2014 UK Fix My Transport
20/02/2014 UK Flood Map
20/02/2014 UK Get Community Payback
20/02/2014 UK GP ratings
20/02/2014 UK Guardian Good GCSE Guide
20/02/2014 UK Illustreets
20/02/2014 UK Intelligent London
20/02/2014 UK
20/02/2014 UK LG Inform - improving services through information
20/02/2014 UK Live Traffic Info
20/02/2014 UK Local authority legal powers and duties
20/02/2014 UK London Fire Station Closures
20/02/2014 UK MBHC - MedRed BT Health Cloud
20/02/2014 Kenya Med Africa
20/02/2014 Australia Medicines List
20/02/2014 India mPassportSeva
20/02/2014 Australia National Public Toilet Map
20/02/2014 UK NextBuses
20/02/2014 UK Open Weather Map
20/02/2014 UK Parkopedia
20/02/2014 UK Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending snapshot
20/02/2014 Canada Quandl
20/02/2014 US Street Bump
20/02/2014 US Student Aid
20/02/2014 UK Tell Them What You Think
20/02/2014 UK Tesco
20/02/2014 UK Transport API
20/02/2014 UK UK Energy Consumption Guide
20/02/2014 UK UK Train Times
20/02/2014 Germany Waterways App
20/02/2014 UK What's in Your Backyard
20/02/2014 US Work+

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